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My account

How to create additional purchasers?

The administration of purchasers will be carried out by the webshop admin. This person can create and manage purchasers within the company account.

Where can I view my past orders?

In "My account" you will find the order history with all items already ordered.

Order & Delivery

Is there a minimum order value?

All information about ordering and delivery can be found under PFEIFER Payment and Delivery.

Can I cancel my order online?

Cancellation of your order in the webshop is not possible. Please contact us by phone.

Is it possible to order to a different shipping address?

For delivery to a different delivery address, enter it in the order process under "Shipping & Payment". The address will be saved for later reuse.

Is delivery to abroad possible?

Delivery from the webshop to foreign countries is unfortunately not possible at the current time.

Where is the webshop discount deducted?

Prices are already reduced by the webshop discount by default.

What is the complaint procedure?

Please use the return form from the webshop for complaints.

Help, Contact & Feedback

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Please use the contact form in the webshop or get in touch with your contact in the office or in the field.

How to place feedback?

Please use the feedback form in the webshop.
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